Jewellery Hammer

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 Rightimpex Brass Mallet 1lb Stamping Hammer - Jewellery Tool


Weight: 1lb = 16oz = 454 grams


"Designed for the students. They can be used for dapping, chasing and light stamping.". We recommend that you place a Rubber Black or Sandbag under Steel Bench Blocks to help reduce the stress of bounce back when using for metal working.


Cosmetic flaws? It is normal for tools to be cosmetically challenged!. Hardened Tool Steel can acquire rust marks right after manufacture, this is nature. The finish may not be attractive on steel tools, though some manufacturers put a lot of work into delaying the signs of rust, it cannot be stopped, small rust marks can be wiped away and rust held at bay by oiling your tools. Brass hammer heads will start to dent when you use them. This normal, brass is softer than steel, and so will take the force of the impact. This is why brass is the recommended tool for metal stamping. Mashed heads can be re-defined by experienced jewellery makers. Alternatively, hammers with replaceable heads are available. Cosmetic flaws do not impair a tools function.


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