Surgical Orthopedic Bone Cutting Forceps

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Surgical Orthopedic Bone Cutting Forceps

Bone Cutting Forceps Orthopedic Surgical Instrument Stainless Steel


Rightimpex Surge manufactures high quality bone cutting instruments used mainly during trauma / orthopedic surgeries, the edges are precisely made for smooth cutting of the bone. All instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel.


CE / ISO Certified Company Rightimpex Surge is one-stop-shop for Surgical / Orthopedic Instruments & External Fixator. As a leading manufacturer, we have developed unmatched experience and exclusive knowledge of design and manufacturing constraints for the orthopedic / surgical industry. We diversified in Brand Manufacturing of Surgical / Orthopedic Products for Human & Veterinary. We also provide various other Healthcare Products to cater to the needs of Government Institutes, Private Hospitals & Small Clinics in Pakistan & Worldwide.


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