College Tweezers

  • Art#: 2527
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Item: Cotton Pliers / College Tweezers with Lock 15cm
Size: 15cm 
Shape: With Lock / Serrated or Smooth Jaws
Features: For handling cotton pellets, cotton rolls, small instruments, or other small items
Finishing: Mirror Finish 
Model No.: EDM-4005
Material: High Quality Stainless Steel
Price FOB: US$. 2.00 / Piece.
Shipment: FOB Basis and or CIF, C&F (charges of freight and insurance will be added.)
Minimum Quantity: 120 Pcs. x 2.00 = Grand Total US$. 240.00 FOB
Discount: For 2000 Pcs. & Above Price is Negotiable
Packing: If required your own packaging charges will be added depending upon the packing material and design.


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